Video | Mounting Scope Rings

This short video demonstrates how to correctly mount the Schultz & Larsen Scope Rings to a Schultz & Larsen Rifle. Giving you key points and features about the mounts such as the Summer/Winter mounting positions and correct mounting procedures.

Mounting Schultz & Larsen Scope Rings

  • Always mount the Rings with the Locking Nut on the Right-Hand side.
  • The rings slot into the grooves on the rifle action and push forward until into correct position.
  • Then you tighten up the Locking Nut to secure to the rifle.
  • Never tighten the Locking Nut when the Rings are off the rifle, this damages the ring as it bends the hardened steel beyond it's mounted position.

Help and Advice

We try to give Schultz & Larsen shooters all the help and advice we can by providing information on our website. If you can't seem to find the answer, we can always help out and then make the information available for others to see.