Schultz & Larsen "How To" Series

This video cover the trigger adjustments on a Schultz & Larsen Two Stage Trigger. There are a few adjustments possible on a Two Stage Trigger and we take a look into what can be altered.

There are two types of trigger on the Schultz & Larsen Victory Rifle, the Two Stage Trigger, shown in this video, and the Direct Trigger.

You can watch the trigger adjustments for the Direct Trigger here: Direct Trigger Video >>>

The Two Stage Trigger has a well designed sear system involving a trigger pull designed to activated in two stages, hence the name. The first stage is a lighter feel pull until you reach the firmer resistance of the second stage. When the second stage is pulled, the rifle fires. In this video we gain access to the trigger mechanism and adjust the trigger travel adjustment screw to alter the trigger pull. The two screws on the front of the trigger should ideally be kept at factory settings as these are set specifically for a better overall trigger pull.

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