Schultz & Larsen "How To" Series

This can potentially save your day out if you know what to do! This happens and it's a good idea to know what to do if it does - Your Bolt is accidentally De-Cocked!

Part of the Schultz & Larsen How To Series!

Your Schultz & Larsen bolt may have been knocked or dropped and de-cocked accidentally. This video shows what you need to do to re-cock it again so you're back shooting in no time. We look at how to reposition the cocking lug back in to the "Cocked Position".

We use an example of what to use when you are out in the field and you don't have your work bench or tools handy. It's a simple to perform procedure you can do on a fence posts or wooden edge.

Help and Advice

We try to give Schultz & Larsen shooters all the help and advice we can by providing information on our website. If you can't seem to find the answer, we can always help out and then make the information available for others to see.