Schultz & Larsen "How To" Series

This video covers the latest scope mount option for Schultz & Larsen - The 12mm Eurorail System.

The 12mm Eurorail from Contessa, commissioned especially for the Schultz & Larsen range, features a full length 12mm Dovetail fitted to the rifle to allow various mounts to then be fitted to it. There are a range of quick release mounts which fit onto the Eurorail including Ring Mounts, Extended Picatinny Rail Mount, Dedicated Nightvision Mounts and Scope Rail Mounts such as Zeiss Rail and Swarovski Rail.

Due to the spring loaded lever attachment, the mount retains the same tension and the recoil lug locates the mount in the same position to make the mount return to zero every time. 100% Guaranteed Zero.

We go through the fitting process too. This is very straight forward job. Start by cleaning the rail and the rifle with degreaser. Any oil or grease can sit between the mount and the rifle and cause inaccuracy. Using a small drop of thread locker on each screw, fit the rear screw first. The front screw second. The second to rear screw third and finally fit the last screw. Work the screws evenly down a few turns at a time to ensure an even and solid mount. When the screws are tight and flush with the rail, you're done.

The 12mm Eurorail comes complete with a Torx15 wrench, but if you have your own set you're more comfortable with, use this. We use the Chapman Precision Tool set in this video.

You can find the Contessa Eurorail for S&L on our Online Store

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