Schultz & Larsen "How To" Series

We show you how to take the Schultz & Larsen Bolt apart in full and put it all back together again of course.

Part of the Schultz & Larsen How To Series.

In this video we remove the firing pin mechanism from the bolt body, then untighten the firing pin into the component parts. Care and attention must be taken when doing this procedure and always contact us if you need any advice.

We use a 2mm Allex/Hex Wrench to unighten and tighten the clocking lug. To slacken the firing pin, we use a 7mm spanner and a vise. We also use an electric driver which is use for speed and control when loosening the tightening the firing pin.

Tips for maintenance: Use light lubricating oil on the firing pin and spring. Don't use cleaning oil and definitely don't use grease as this will slow the mechanism down.

Help and Advice

We try to give Schultz & Larsen shooters all the help and advice we can by providing information on our website. If you can't seem to find the answer, we can always help out and then make the information available for others to see.