Schultz & Larsen "How To" Series

In this video we take a look at one of the mounting options for the Schultz & Larsen rifle, the Weaver and Picatinny Bases.

The two specifications differ slightly, with Weaver slots measuring 4.57mm wide and Picatinny slots measuring 5.23mm wide. This means that Weaver Rings will fit in to both Weaver and Picatinny Bases.
Note: Picatinny Rings are a wider profile and are too wide to fit into Weaver Bases so Will Not Fit.

We run through the simple steps to mount the bases to the rifle.
- Step 1: Clean the Bases and Rifle with de-greaser.
- Step 2: Use some surface-to-surface adhesive on the underside of the Bases (We use either Delta 55 or Loctite 648), then place the base onto the rifle.
- Step 3: Fit the Screws to the Bases. Use some thread locker adhesive on the screws to ensure they don't come loose under recoil (We use either Delta 77 or Loctite 278).
- Step 4: Allow time for the adhesive to cure and you're done.

The Weaver and Picatinny Bases are both available from us via our Online Store. See below for the links to the products:

S&L Weaver Bases by Recknagel:

S&L Picatinny Bases by Recknagel:

Help and Advice

We try to give Schultz & Larsen shooters all the help and advice we can by providing information on our website. If you can't seem to find the answer, we can always help out and then make the information available for others to see.