If you are changing a barrel between calibres, check to see whether you need a different magazine or bolt to suit your new barrel. If for instance the additional barrel uses the same magazine and the bolt as what you already possess, then you don't need anything additional. Whereas if your current magazine is K (Short) and your new barrel is L (Long), you'll need the additional magazine for the additional barrel. The same applies with the bolt, if you are changing between Standard and Magnum.

You can also interchange barrels between the Classic DL, Victory, Ambassador and Tactical models as they all share the same barrel profile. The Legacy only accepts barrels made for the Legacy as it's a smaller action size. The same rules apply when you switch barrels between rifle models with switching the magazine and bolt depending on your calibre group.

The Action body and the stock stays the same throughout calibres. But please note that a wider barrel such as Continental Profile, may need some stock adjustment to allow the barrel to fit.


Calibres Available

Calibre Magazine Size Bolt
22-250 Rem K (Short) Standard
.243 Win K (Short) Standard
6mm N. Br. 1 Skud Standard
25.06 L (Long) Standard
6.5x55 L (Long) Standard
6.5 Creedmoor K (Short) Standard
6.5-284 M (Magnum) Standard
.270 Win L (Long) Standard
7x57 L (Long) Standard
.270 WSM KM (Short Magnum) Magnum
7x64 L (Long) Standard
7mm Rem Mag M (Magnum) Magnum
7mm WSM KM (Short Magnum) Magnum
7mm-08 K (Short) Standard
.308 Win K (Short) Standard
.30-06 L (Long) Standard
.300 Win Mag M (Magnum) Magnum
.300 WSM KM (Short Magnum) Magnum
8 x 57 JS KM (Long) Standard
.338 Win Mag M (Magnum) Magnum
.358 N. Mag M (Magnum) Magnum
9.3x62 L (Long) Standard
.375 Dakota *LM (Long Magnum) Magnum


Schultz & Larsen Legacy

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