Barrel Removal | Standard Stocks

Removing and replacing the barrel on your Schultz & Larsen rifle with Standard Stock.
Please See Barrel Removal for Traveller Stock for details on stocks with the Traveller Conversion.

We also have a Video of the Victory Barrel Removal available.

  • Remove the magazine
  • Open and remove the bolt.
  • Turn the rifle over with the top of the action lying in the palm of the hand, action bolts and magazine well uppermost.
  • With the wrench provided, slacken both action bolts equally.
  • Spin out both action bolts and remove.
  • Remove the bottom metal carefully by pulling on the trigger guard. (If it is very tight in the stock it is fine to leave it in place.  The only reason for removing it is to stop it dropping on the floor)
  • Keeping your hand on the action and fingers gripping the stock, turn the stock over so that the top of the action is uppermost.
  • Gently ease the barrelled action out of the stock. Be careful, you don’t want to damage the stock or the bedding.
  • With the barrelled action clear of the stock, lay the stock to one side so that you don’t drop anything on it.
  • At the front of the action, directly under the breech end of the barrel, you will see two horizontal screws, screw heads to the right.
  • Using the same wrench that you used to remove the stock, slacken both bolts half a turn.
  • Grasp the barrel firmly in one hand with the action in the other and pull the barrel forward out of the action.  If the barrel is tight slacken the screws another half turn and ease the barrel out of the action.


Schultz & Larsen Legacy

To Replace the Barrel

  • Wipe any oil from the part of the barrel that sits inside the action. Do the same with the inside of the recess that the barrel fits into.  Oil in this area will prevent the action tightening firmly around the barrel stub allowing the barrel to “float”, thus spoiling accuracy.
  • Insert the barrel into the action.  There is a tenon to correctly align the barrel so it will only enter fully when the tenon is in the correct place.  A clue is that the serial number is at the top when the barrel is correctly aligned.  If the barrel does not go in all the way, rotate it until the tenon drops into place allowing the barrel to slide fully home.  Be gentle and do not slam the barrel in or try to force it.  Ease it into place and if it will not go, stop and investigate the reason.
  • Once the barrel is in place replace the bolt then CLOSE AND LOCK THE BOLT.
  • IMPORTANT: Tighten the rear screw first.  DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.  The correct torque is 6 to 8 N/m.  Most of you will not have a torque wrench in your pocket so proceed as follows: Tighten the rear screw gently until it stops. Nip it up no more than one eighth of a turn.  Now tighten the front screw in the same way.  Remember, the bolt locks into the barrel so the screws only need to be tight enough to align the barrel with the action.  Whenever you remove and replace the barrel try to be consistent in the tightening as this will minimise any changes in point of impact.  The more consistent you are tightening the barrel, the less the point of impact will move.  You should expect the point of impact to move no more than 1 MOA, (about 1” at 100yds) or less.
  • With the barrel secured carefully replace the barrelled action in the stock, taking care to seat it carefully in place without force.
  • With your hand on top of the action, turn the stock and action over so that the magazine well is uppermost.
  • Replace the bottom metal, if you had removed it.
  • Replace both action bolts and spin them in lightly until they contact.
  • Tighten each bolt alternately, a nip at a time.  The aim is to tighten each bolt to exactly the same tension.  Do not tighten one fully and then the other.  Tighten both together evenly. There is no need to tighten the screws with extreme force.  Nip them up until they are secure, do not over tighten. 
  • Replace the magazine and cycle the bolt to ensure all is as it should be.

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