Schultz & Larsen | ULTRADOME

Ultradome - RRP £195.00

Although the Ultradome was designed to provide a slim and lightweight moderator for use on the Legacy, it's performance is excellent and the slim profile makes it the moderator of choice for many using larger calibres.

  Over Barrel
Length 225mm
Adds to barrel length 120mm
Diameter 38mm
Weight 322 g

Available in 6mm (.236” max).  7mm (.275” max).  8mm (.315mm max)
Maximum barrel diameter: 18mm at 100mm from the muzzle

Thread sizes
Metric Imperial
1/2” x 20 UNF
1/2” x 28 UNEF
Schultz & Larsen Ultradome Moderator
Schultz & Larsen Ultradome ModeratorSchultz & Larsen Ultradome Moderator Schultz & Larsen Ultradome Moderator

Sound Moderators

Robust and Hardcore, the Schultz & Larsen Sound moderators will not disappoint.  Designed by a company that knows and understands accuracy. These moderators are the logical first choice for any rifle.