Schultz & Larsen | Classic Traveller

In the Schultz & Larsen range, the Classic Traveller is identical is specification to the Classic DL, with one difference. Two access holes in the side of the stock allow fast barrel removal without the need to remove the action and bottom work from the stock. Insert the wrench, slacken the barrel securing bolts and pull out the barrel. The stock is relieved to allow the thicker breech portion of the barrel to move forward in the stock. The Classic Traveller breaks down to compact size for conveneince when travelling.

Classic Walnut Classic Synthetic

The Classic Traveller is available in Right or Left hand.

Schultz & Larsen Classic Rifle

The Classic Traveller stock features a straight comb without a cheek piece and is slim and comfortable whilst being light to carry. The standard stock is good walnut heartwood with a straight and strong grain structure and pleasant colour & tone. Finished with linseed oil as are all Schultz & Larsen stocks. Wood upgrades are available.

Schultz & Larsen Classic Rifle

Scope Mounting

The top of the Classic action is milled to accept the Schultz & Larsen ‘Slide & Lock” scope mounts, incorporating Summer and Winter scope position.  For those who prefer a different mount, the action is drilled and tapped to accept Weaver or other bases.  The radius of the action is 17mm and the hole spacing 22mm

Schultz & Larsen Classic Rifle

Barrel Removal Made Quick and Simple

The barrel can be unlocked through the holes located on the right of the stock. The Classic Traveller has been designed with fast access for barrel changing in mind. Simply slacken the two screws and ease the barrel forward. Be careful! If you pull too hard the barrel will jump forward and may jam in the barrel channel damaging the stock.

Schultz & Larsen Classic Barrel Removal

Extended Barrel Channel

The barrel channel is widened to allow room for the thicker breech part of the barrel as it moves backwards out of the action but care is still required when easing the barrel away from the action. Rough handling may damage the stock.

Schultz & Larsen Classic Barrel Channel

Sling Swivels

There are two sling swivel studs pre-fitted to the Classic Traveller. One is at the rear, on the bottom of the stock in front of the recoil pad, and one on the forearm. The swivel studs accept sling swivels of 8mm wide, with 3.5mm pin diamter. See our available options in the Accessories Section.

Schultz & Larsen Classic Sling Swivels

Switch Barrel System

The Classic Traveller has a switch barrel system allowing the barrel to be changed for any other in its calibre group with just a simple wrench.  The standard bolt can be used with all calibres in the standard calibre group but if changing to a Magnum calibre you will need to change the bolt.

Schultz & Larsen Bolt

Safe Construction

Safety has top priority with all locking parts designed and tested to withstand at least three times normal load.  In the case of an overload resulting in a primer blow-out or case rupture, the high pressure gas can escape through holes in the front of the action and on the side of the bolt.  This coupled, with the extremely tight fit of the bolt and action, ensures that the shooter is not injured.

The safety catch is three position and locks the bolt and blocks the firing pin.  The centre position allows unloading of the rifle whilst the safety is engaged.

Schultz & Larsen Bolt
Schultz & Larsen Classic Bolt

The Classic Bolt

The bolt lift is 60º making it a fast an effective mechanism. The perfectly machined bolt glides into the action effortlessly and locks into the barrel once closed. The Classic's bolt handle is a straight arm, dovetailed into the bolt body. There are two variations of bolt, one is typically marked "S" for Standard Calibres and the other is marked "M" for Magnum Calibres.

Schultz & Larsen Bolt

Schultz & Larsen Classic

Calibres | Standard

.22-250 (K) 6mm XC (1 Skud)
.243 Win (K) .25-06 (L)
6.5x47 Lapua (K) 6.5x55 SE (L)
6.5-284 (M) 6.5 Creedmoor (K)
.270 Win (L) 7x57 (L)
7x64 (L) 7mm-08 (K)
.308 Win (K) .30-06 (L)
.338-06 (L) 8 x 57 JS (L)
9.3x62 (L)  

Calibres | Magnum (Magnum Bolt Required)

7mm Rem Mag (M) .300 Win Mag (M)
.300 WSM (KM) .270 WSM (KM)
.338 Win Mag (KM) .358 Norma Mag (M)

(Magazine Sizes in brackets - K=Standard, L=Long, M=Magnum, KM=Short Magnum)
Schultz & Larsen Legacy

Sound Moderators

Schultz & Larsen manufacture their own range of sound moderators, designed to complement their rifles.  The range includes both muzzle mounted and over-barrel moderators, all designed to withstand repeated firing with heavy calibres.  The popularity of the Schultz & Larsen moderators is such that a range of thread sizes are available to fit other rifle brands.