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The story of Schultz & Larsen begins with their world wide reputation for accurate barrels. So what makes the barrels so much different and so much better performing?

Rifle barrels can be hammer forged, broach rifled, button rifled or the rifling can be cut. There are other methods, such as EDM (electrical discharge machining) and flow forming that are coming into use but the majority of barrels today are either button rifled or hammer forged.

The most expensive method is undoubtedly cut rifling. Each barrel will take around 1 ½ hours just to cut the grooves whilst hammer forging or button rifling takes only minutes to produce a finished barrel.  The problem with these faster methods is the stress induced into the barrel during manufacture.

Cut rifling removes tiny amounts of material with each pass of the cutter and can be used with very hard barrel steel. Each groove is cut individually with multiple passes and the barrel does not suffer from stress or work hardening. The process is slow because so little material is removed with each pass and that is why most manufacturers choose one of the alternative methods.

Schultz & Larsen barrels are stress free, absolutely straight and with the bore exactly in the centre of the barrel. If the bore is in the centre, the stiffness of the barrel is the same in every direction.  Straight, stress free barrels shoot better with less tendency for the group to wander when the barrel heats up.

At Schultz & Larsen, every barrel is individually lapped and a slight tightening of the bore towards the muzzle is formed.  This process reduces copper fouling of the bore and makes the rifles less fussy on load.  Schultz & Larsen barrels will shoot well with any load and with a wide variety of bullet weights.

Schultz & Larsen Standard Profile Barrels

The perfect choice for all round use.  Light weight with the famous Schultz & Larsen cut rifling.  Accuracy guaranteed.  Barrels for the UK market at screw cut M14x1 but can also be supplied not threaded if that is your preference.

Schultz & Larsen Legacy Schultz & Larsen Legacy

Schultz & Larsen Fluted Barrels

Available with a choice of straight or spiral fluting.  Fluting reduces the weight of the barrel without reducing the stiffness of the barrel.  Additionally, fluting provides a greater surface area for heat dissipation and because the bottom of the flute channel is closer to the bore, the heat reaches the surface more quickly further aiding cooling. Not all calibres are available from stock but may be to order.

Schultz & Larsen Legacy Schultz & Larsen Legacy

Schultz & Larsen Octagonal Barrels

A heavier barrel measuring 17mm across the flats at the muzzle.  Popular with traditionalists, especially for the driven hunt. Available in standard or fluted profile.  Not available in all calibres.

Schultz & Larsen Legacy Schultz & Larsen Legacy

Length is measured from the face of the bolt.

Schultz & Larsen Switch Barrel System

All Schultz & Larsen barrels are quickly and easily removable.  This allows for rapid change of calibre or profile.  All barrels in the standard calibre group use the same bolt so you need only change the barrel.  If you are changing to a Magnum calibre you also need to change the bolt.  All Classic & Victory rifles accept Magnum calibres on the same action with only the requirement to change the bolt.  On Schultz & Larsen rifles, the three lug bolt locks directly into the barrel so that none of the pressure on firing transmits to the action body.  Instructions on removing and replacing the barrel can be found in the Technical Section.

Schultz & Larsen Legacy

Sound Moderators

Schultz & Larsen manufacture their own range of sound moderators, designed to complement their rifles.  The range includes both muzzle mounted and over-barrel moderators, all designed to withstand repeated firing with heavy calibres.  The popularity of the Schultz & Larsen moderators is such that a range of thread sizes are available to fit other rifle brands.